Idvorsky Laboratories is designated as a Conformity Assessment Body to issuing Certificates of Conformity mandatory for placing Radio Equipment on the Serbian market, pursuant to Rulebook on Radio Equipment (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 24/2024).


We provide examination of technical documentation and issuing either Certificates of Conformity or Statements of Conformity for radio equipment and other wireless electrical/electronic/IT devices. Examples of such devices are:


  1. Laptop, notebook, tablet and desktop PC with WLAN cards
  2. Mobile phones / smart phones
  3. Industry, process, measuring and other equipment use data transmission protocols over 2G/3G/4G, WLAN/RLAN, Bluetooth and other radio telecommunication technologies
  4. Wireless mousses, keyboards, printers, scanners, routers, headphones and other peripherals able to connect to computers, mobile phones, tablets, local or to public mobile networks
  5. LCD TVs and monitors with Wi-Fi internet and Bluetooth connection
  6. Domestic appliances that can connect to Wi-Fi, RFID/NFC or to other radio links (refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines…)
  7. Car radio receivers, alarms, navigations, radars and vehicle tracking devices
  8. GPS/GNSS user equipments of satellite navigation systems
  9. Digital cameras, audio and video equipment, wireless microphones, speakers, gaming consoles with wireless communication
  10. Access control and surveillance systems, social alarms, fire and intruders alarm components
  11. Lightning controllers and HBES systems for "smart houses" with wireless communication
  12. SRD personal medical devices, hearing aids etc.
  13. Amateur radio equipment
  14. Railway radio equipment
  15. Intelligent transport systems (ITS) radio equipment

Information about our designation, register of certified products, certification process, necessary instructions and guides for user are posted on this webpage in section ‘Instructions, Forms and Documents’. 


Also, you can find more details about our certification prices, general terms for certification and procedure for complaints at the page Certification.