Product certification is process of certifying that a certain product meets technical requirements and standards and to ensure that product is in conformity with these requirements and regulations. Usually term for certification used in Serbian rulebooks for products is ‘conformity assessment’.


Idvorsky Laboratories is a third party i.e. independent Certification Body provides conformity assessment service for electronic devices and radio telecommunication equipment to manufacturers and importers, in line with legal requirements of Rulebook on Radio Equipment (Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia 24/2024) and Rulebook of Electromagnetic Compatibility (Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia 25/2016 and 21/2020). Both Rulebooks are mandatory in Serbia under Law on Technical Requirements for Products and Conformity Assessment (Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia 49/2021).


Idvorsky Laboratories is a designated body authorized by Serbian Ministries to provide product conformity assessment in line with both Rulebooks mentioned above.


Idvorsky Laboratories is also an accredited Certification Body in line with standard EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 so we fulfilled all requirements for bodies certifying products.


Our Certificate of Accreditation and Scope of Accreditation are posted on this webpage in section ‘Instructions, Forms and Documents’ together with useful information about prices, general terms and procedure for complaints.


In depending to type of a product (Radio Equipment or electronic devices to which EMC Rulebook is applicable) you can find more details about our designations, certification process and necessary instructions and guides for user at the following pages: